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Youth Hostel International Membership Card Benefits

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Youth Hostel International or Hostelling International is a federation with a huge number of hostels around the world. Hostels provide overnight inexpensive accommodation for travelers. It is a great place to meet fellow travelers and a great way to maintain your budget. Mostly the rooms are dormitory style but a few new hostels offer ensuite accommodation featuring double, single and even rooms with quad occupancy.

In recent years the number of backpacker’s hostels has increased; with separate rooms for males and females. Some of the hostels also have family or couples’ rooms. Most of the hostels offer fully working kitchens or cafeterias. Common rooms for socializing etc are also available.

The mission of international youth hostels is for the young to gain a better understanding of the world. It is estimated that there are over two million hostels all over the world. Due to the economic conditions worldwide, cheap accommodation is required. And because of this increasing competition hostels have to maintain higher standards.

Benefits of becoming a member

You can also become a member of Youth Hostel International and get their membership card; here are some of the advantages you can enjoy as with your membership card;

Why become a member?

Benefits for members are available that include savings on your room rent, planning resources, off on international phone calls, e-mail access and travel information. Currency exchange is also discounted in some cases. There are also worldwide discounts in restaurants, retail stores and attractions.

Enjoy the location you like better

Youth hostels are available in almost every imaginable location. Shoppers like staying in downtown hostels whereas hikers prefer staying in the country side locations.

These youth hostels are a great way to meet new people. By living in a youth hostel you can meet people from all over the world. It can provide a great cultural mix for the residents where they can learn about different traditions and customs.

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Youth hostels are safe and comfortable

There are guidelines which every hostel follows for a very safe and enjoyable stay. A standard quality is maintained so that the visitors can have a good standard of services during their stay. These standards are maintained by teams, which conduct surprise visits to ensure that every hostel is following the guidelines correctly. Cleanliness, comfort, security and privacy all are checked carefully.

They even provide you a platform for socializing 

Hostels can also organize activities for their members, which can make your time memorable and keep you busy. Many hostels have affiliations with local tour companies etc. and can help you with your exploration. They could also offer discounts to you on these tours. It is always a good idea to ask the reception for any discounts or special information regarding any activity or tour organized by the hostel you are staying in.

These days hostels also have bars within their premises. Guests can socialize over a drink and exchange their stories and travel tips. Certain hostels are improving their facilities and providing the guests with free wi-fi, pools and key card locks. Many of the hostels also serve free food like usually breakfast is included in the room charges.

Is there an age limit to these hostels?

The term youth is often associated with hostels but these days it isn’t applied to most places. The hostels usually welcome visitors of all ages. Majority of the visitors are between 18 to 30 years of age. Senior families and groups also enjoy hostels across the world. Prior reservations are not necessary but recommended in busy months.

All in all the experience can end up being wonderful and you could save a lot of money.



Youth Hostels in China

A youth hostel is a place which provides accommodation that is relatively cheap compared to others. Its target market are cyclers, backpackers, and hikers. Simply put, most of these people are the young, active ones who are usually travelling. Like any other hostels, youth hostels are budget-friendly. The set-up is a common bathroom, kitchen, and lounge. Some may even offer rooms which divide males among the females, but there are also times that they are mixed.

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Youth hostels primarily began in 1909 when a German teacher named Richard Schirrmann thought that his students would learn more if they stayed in a place that is convenient and comfortable at the same time. It just so happened that there was a storm that night so they stayed in a farmer’s barn. Later on, Schirrman opened a hostel at Altena, Germany.

Youth hostels have emerged from the different parts of the globe now particularly in UK, Australia, India, Ireland, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, Japan, China, and a lot more places. Almost 80 countries have youth hostels which now equate to 4,000 around the world.

In China for example, there are almost 1,300 youth hostels. From the top cities in China down to the small and low-key cities, hostels can be found.

Here is a list of highly-rated youth hostels from the top cities in China:

1.) Beijing

Chinese Box Courtyard Hostel, The Great Wall Box House, Peking Yard Hostel, The Classic Courtyard, Fly by Knight Courtyard Hostel

2.) Shanghai

Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel, Beehome International Youth Hostel, Rock & Wood International Youth Hostel, Blue Mountain Bund Youth Hostel, Mingtown Etour International Youth Hostel

3.) Xi’an

Han Tang Inn Hostel, Shuyuan International Party Hostel, Han Tang House, Xiangzimen International Youth Hostel, Warriors International Hostel

4.) Chengdu, China

Nova Traveller’s Lodge, Chengdu Mix Hostel Packpackers, Chengdu Traffic Inn, Chengdy Lazybones Backpacker Boutique Hostel, The Loft Design Hostel

5.) Kunming

Kundming Upland International Youth Hostel, Kunming Cloudland International Youth Hostel, The Hump Hostel, IC Holiday Shun Cheng, Lost Garden Guesthouse

great wall of china

Like any other hostels, youth hostels and China have their own pros and cons you have to consider in case you are thinking of staying at one. Make sure you do your research first. Hostelling International’s website may help you with this. You may either contact them through phone or e-mail regarding your inquiries. They also publish youth hostel guides annually which you may access.

Basically, youth hostels are cheap. For sure, you would pay a less amount here than you would do in a hotel. But do not expect too much for this amount. There would not be any turndown service every day. But not to worry as Hostelling International has provided standards that the hostels are mandated to meet. Inspection of cleanliness, safety, and comfort are done often.

Other Things to Remember

In choosing a youth hostel, make sure that it would depend on your need. If you need to shop frequently, a downtown or city hostel is suitable for you. If you are a hiker, better stay in a countryside hostel. Also, try to find out the amenities that the hostel offers. Some have amenities such as cafes, bars, playgrounds, and lounges where you can watch TV. Perhaps, as you relax in the TV lounge, you would be able to interact with other people and exchange stories with them.

Food at the Hostel

With regard to food, you may want to inquire whether the hostel serves breakfast. Most of them do, and you just have to tell them your preferred time in case you have to leave before they serve the breakfast. If you want, you may also cook your own food but most of the time, the kitchen is a communal area for everybody. Better ask prior to your arrival what utensils are already available so you may know which ones you still have to bring.

Setting Your Privacy

Then again, do not expect too much with youth hostels. There could be a lack of privacy as everything is communal. Also, you may encounter noisy roommates you have to deal with. Though sometimes, youth hostels have time slots when people are required to be quiet. There could also be an issue with the security of your items. Make sure you use the lockers assigned to you.

Those are essentially the basic pros and cons that you need to know about youth hostels. Evaluate first according to the standards mentioned so you could have a wonderful experience in your travel wherever you want to go.